Woody leathery fragrance. Oud from Laos, sandalwood, geranium
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Chinese portrait: If I were a country? I would be Laos, in a deep forest with only a few rays of light breaking through it. If I were a scent? I would be wood meets musky leather. If I were a thing? I would be a chessboard, because, in Original Oud, the vigorous white wood contrasts with the dark and velvety gurjun balsam… like cocoa powder! If I were some raw material? I would be wood leather, which was born in Firmenich lab! Rare and unprecedented, it contains the entire spirit of Laotian oud wood. If I were a spice? I would be the green cardamom to bring intensity and a puff of hot! If I were a flower? I would be two! The iris and the geranium for ultimate elegance. But Alberto Morillas will have the final word… « This perfume, entirely built around wood leather, is like dream oud wood; I have put all the power and mystery of this essence in it, which has long been fascinating me.

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